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✿ black tongue tied around the roses toy diamond ring stuck on her finger ♫ツ♀♋
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babyparasite asked: pssh. He broke a promise to answer the questions its a total disgrace most of his fans are feminists and he like just doesn't cater to them at all. Not even about catering more about being a good person. Like he's losing a good 90% of his fan base by not even keeping promises with fans and saying disgusting things. I never defended him but I took it as a grain of salt because everyone is problematic. Now I know he is unapologetic along with the bass player dude i'm glad he didnt keep his promise

yeah ur soooo right like he has to be aware that a huge part of his following is young women/feminists so you think he would be sensitive to that but after him basically be like fuck you I’ll do whatever I want after getting called out it just sealed the deal like okay u r scum

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Anonymous asked: What did Mac demarco do?


made a rape joke and when he was called out all he said “too bad”

his bassist got up during a show and graphically described how he beats his wife (video of the last bit of it) (transcript sort of)

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im looking right @ all the popular feminist bloggers that fawn over mac demarco when it’s common knowledge atm the he makes rape jokes at his shows nd has no intention of stopping plus w/ this new video of his bassist talking about assaulting his gf and calling her a cunt like idk what to say like I know we talk about separating an artist from their work/acknowledging an artist u like has fucked up but like I still see him getting put on a pedestal and ppl all like OMG MAC IS SO PERFECT AND CUTE all the time like im pretty disappointed because obviously his shows are an unsafe place for women/rape victims and seeing the video of his bassist calling his girlfriend a waste and a pussy and talking about “tying her up and kicking her in the cunt” has just rlly set me off im just vry upset 

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don’t let tumblr make you believe that

- krusty krab is unfair

- mr krabs is in there

- standing at the concession

- plotting his oppression 

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look at maren shes a cute lil witch. gonna cast a spell on u
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look at maren shes a cute lil witch. gonna cast a spell on u

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Lydia Beesley and Franziska Klein in “Dream Weavers” by Zena Holloway for How To Spend It, May 2014 

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I can’t believe beck is a scientologist tho yet I totally can because actually a lot of his songs are about scientology 

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my friend told me my face lights up and looks rlly happy when I talk about conspiracy theories, extraterrestrial life or scientology 

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omg the new avril song sounds like a cross between gwen stefani’s harajuku girls and brokencyde

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